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Advantages of being a Lusa Mater Partner

Facilitated sales

We handle the entire process of publicity, sales, logistics and transport. You simply have to provide the information and products within the agreed deadlines. We’ll handle the paperwork!

Win-Win Strategy

Lusa Mater only benefits if it actually sells your products. We only win if you win. This is a win-win relationship!

Promote your brand

Lusa Mater’s campaigns aim to increase the visibility of your brand and products:

* All contents are visible worldwide (in all countries), with deliveries made throughout the European Union, Norway and Switzerland.

* Via daily newsletters, we’ll publicise your brand to the entire Lusa Mater community

And if you’re satisfied with the experience…

We can work together again on new campaigns, with presentation of other products, special products or even the launch of new products!

Who can be a Lusa Mater partner?

We’re looking for Portuguese emerging or established designers, producers, manufacturers, creators and artists, who are interested in promoting their brands and want to help us valorise Portuguese products.

Would you like to be our partner?

Contact us via e-mail: parceiros@lusamater.pt .

Tell us a bit about your business / project. (Tell us your name, your company’s name / brand,  your contacts and, if possible, tell us the type of products that you’re developing)

We’ll contact you as soon as possible.

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