Só não vendemos saudade

About us

Lusa Mater

Lusa Mater is a platform for the promotion and sale of Portuguese products, created with the aim of valorising our national production.
Because we believe in that which is truly ours, we want you to discover our daily selection of Portuguese products – whether traditional products from yesterday or products of the future.
Using our dynamic and innovative platform, we aim to offer you access to the finest products made in Portugal. We’ve hunted across the four corners of Portugal – in search of the quality, tradition and originality that define our products. We tell stories, show the people with whom we work … So don’t be shy! We’re open every day – waiting for you, with what we believe to be the finest products of Portugal …
In our store, the only thing we don’t sell is “saudade”!

A História

Over an almost 2-year period, Marta and Cristina met regularly on train journeys between Porto and Aveiro. During these trips they discussed ideas, projects, dreams and their keen interest to develop (discover and valorise) Portuguese products. Their ideas evolved into rough plans, which in turn became a business plan. After a few more kilometres along Portugal’s roads and railways… “Wow! I think this is really it!”.
Lusa Mater was born – with the aim of offering a broad range of Portuguese brands and creators, thus providing a comprehensive view of all that is “made in Portugal” – featuring traditional brands, new creators and new projects, on the same platform.

“We work together with our suppliers

with a common purpose: value the portuguese production”


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